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The US's organized criminal threat no longer comes from the La Cosa Nostra. Transnational groups, primarily Russian Organized Crime, have risen to the top. These groups have the ability to import and export crime to every corner of the world with ease. As governments realize that these Transnational groups pose a larger threat to their safety than terrorism, the focus, along with the spending will be redirected. Hopefully the nations of the world will realize this before they become completely entrenched.

27 October 2010

Russian mafia boss killed in Sochi

A Russian mafia boss was shot dead on Tuesday in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, site of the 2014 Winter Olympics.
Real estate owner Eduard “Karas” Kakosyan, 31, was gunned down near a gas station in the centre of town a month after another mafia chief and friend was shot and wounded, Interfax reported.
Authorities are searching for two men in connection with the shooting, a police spokesman told AFP.
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“The young men left the scene of the crime on a motorcycle,” the spokesman said.
According to Russian media, Kakosyan’s death appears to be the latest in a series of shootings targeting mafia bosses jostling for a share of the Olympic construction windfall.
Kakosyan was close to one of Russia’s top mafia bosses, Aslan Ussoyan, who was shot and wounded in central Moscow in September, Interfax reported.
Ussoyan had clashed with other mafia groups over the division of a commercial empire linked to the construction of buildings for the 2014 games, the Kommersant daily reported.
That empire was allegedly controlled by Zakhar Kalashov, considered the “godfather” of the Russian-Georgian mafia. Kalashov was arrested in Spain and sentenced in June to seven and a half years in prison for money laundering.
Score settling in the grab for Olympic investments also accounted for the murder of yet another Sochi organised crime boss, Alik Sochinsky, who was killed last year in Moscow, according to Russian media.
The future Olympic town has been transformed into a vast construction site, as workers begin erecting more than 100 structures, including a main stadium and an ice-skating ring.

Source: AFP

26 October 2010

Russian mafia in Warsaw gets new boss

Pieter A. alias Petya, has become the new boss of Russian mafia in Warsaw, claims the Central Investigation Bureau.
Petya is a Russian gangster thought to be cooperating with the infamous Solntsevskaya Bratva gang – known as ‘the Brotherhood’ – one of the most powerful organized crime organizations in Russia.
Thw Russians are thought to have moved into the capital after Warsaw organized crime groups – centred in the Pruszkow, Wolomin, Marki, Zoliborz and Mokotow districts – were broken up by the police.
Gangsters who remained at large joined Petya or pay him for permission to operate in Warsaw.
Former FBI Special Agent Bob Levinson once called the Russian mafia “the most dangerous people on earth.”
The group is thought to be involved in drug trafficking, arms trafficking, extortion, robbery, execution of debts.