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The US's organized criminal threat no longer comes from the La Cosa Nostra. Transnational groups, primarily Russian Organized Crime, have risen to the top. These groups have the ability to import and export crime to every corner of the world with ease. As governments realize that these Transnational groups pose a larger threat to their safety than terrorism, the focus, along with the spending will be redirected. Hopefully the nations of the world will realize this before they become completely entrenched.

27 May 2010

Convictions in Kidnap-for-Ransom Trial

Vagan Adzhemyan, a former Armenian wrestling champion, and Galvin Gibson have been convicted for the kidnap-for-ransom of Sandro Karmryan in Los Angeles, CA.
Adzhemyan admitted kidnapping Sandro Karmryan in July 2009, beating him, shocking him with a stun gun, holding him captive at various locations across Southern California and demanding a $1 million ransom from his family. Adzhemyan argued his actions were necessary because Karmryan was plotting to have him killed because he knew about an alleged loan scam. Karmryan had paid a Russian mafia boss $27,000 to kill him after a complicated financial deal between the men went sour, his attorney Harland Braun said. * * * Braun said his client kidnapped Karmryan because he wanted to get proof that Karmryan had paid someone to kill him. Many of the interrogations that took place were captured on cell phone or audio recordings, and Braun said Karmryan admitted more than 100 times to paying a killer. Prosecutors said the confession was forced.  * * * U.S. District Judge Jacqueline Nguyen barred Braun from presenting evidence to explain why Adzhemyan committed the crime because she found it irrelevant to his guilt or innocence.

source: associated press

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