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11 June 2011

Azerbaijani "mafia boss" "Dadash Novkhaninskiy" arrested in Moscow

Baku-APA. The employees of Moscow law-enforcement bodies arrested Azerbaijani “mafia boss” Dadash Ibrahimov, 38, who is known with nickname “Dadash Novkhaninskiy” in the criminal world.

APA reports that 2.84 g heroin was seized from him. According to the report, Ibrahimov got his first and only imprisonment in 2002. The court sentenced Ibrahimov 1.5 year imprisonment.

During the operation held in March 2009, “Dadash Novkhaninskiy” was arrested in “congregation” in “Podsolnukh” restaurant at Cosmonauts street. Together with him the militia officers arrested “Masalli Mamed”, “Goja” and “Yusif from Baku” in “congregation”. But the detainees were released then.

According to Russian press, if his guilt is proved, “Dadash Novkhaninskiy” will be sentenced to 3-10 years imprisonment.


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