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The US's organized criminal threat no longer comes from the La Cosa Nostra. Transnational groups, primarily Russian Organized Crime, have risen to the top. These groups have the ability to import and export crime to every corner of the world with ease. As governments realize that these Transnational groups pose a larger threat to their safety than terrorism, the focus, along with the spending will be redirected. Hopefully the nations of the world will realize this before they become completely entrenched.

27 May 2011

Russian Organized Crime Ring busted in Charleston

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- An organized crime ring of Russians recently set up shop in Charleston.
Their plan was to collect millions in false Medicare claims. That's before federal agents busted up the mob.
But, we found that if this fraud is so prevalent, so are the watchdog agencies that saw something funny going on in and around Charleston.U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin says there's a current epidemic of Medicare fraud nationwide. And, he says a group of Russians figured a sleepy West Virginia city would be ripe for a massive federal heist.
Shocked employees at Lester Raines Honda took some pictures May 6 when a S.W.A.T. team swooped in and arrested three Russians on conspiracy and fraud charges. The cover story was they were in town to look for a car
Goodwin says, in early April, a Russian crime ring rented office suites in Dunbar, South Charleston and in downtown Charleston along Capitol and Quarrier streets. He says they set up false companies and opened bank accounts and began to file $4 million in false Medicare claims.
“We caught it in time that none of the money got to the bad guys,” Goodwin said.
He says, before they got a penny, the feds broke up a Russian crime machine that was well oiled and ready to go.
And why would these Russians who give California and New York addresses even come to West Virginia?
“Why come to sleepy little West Virginia?" Goodwin said. "This is where the soft spots are.”
Goodwin says similar criminal fraud schemes are springing up throughout the country.
We’re told more federal arrests may come in this ongoing investigation.
These suspects had a network of false front offices, couriers and electronic bank transfers ready to roll. Now, their felony cases will roll - to a federal grand jury.
The three Russians arrested so far will remain behind bars. The judge denied any release on bond, worrying they could be a flight risk.


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